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Welcome to DigiFor, the Computer Forensics service for legal and corporate customers in the UK and around the world. Using state of the art technology and closely following Police procedures for the gathering and handling of computer-based evidence, DigiFor is a leading provider of Forensic Computer and Mobile Phone examination and electronic disclosure services.

In today's complex digital world the Internet, computers, mobile phones and other digital devices play an important role in an increasing number of the illegal activities that take place. Whether the system is a standalone computer, portable device or part of an integrated network, DigiFor's experienced consultants can assist you from the initial evidence gathering through to the final outcome - be it external prosecution, Industrial Tribunal or internal disciplinary action.
DigiFor - leading the way
DigiFor - Computer Forensics Science
DigiFor - Computer Forensics Science
DigiFor - Computer Forensics Science
All our investigative procedures are ISO 9000 certified and our computer forensics consultants are registered Expert Witnesses.

At DigiFor we have the additional benefit of years of network security experience that enable us to closely examine mail servers and other network components. In this way we can perform additional analysis that can carry an investigation beyond the confines of standard, software-based analysis. Our goal is to enable our clients to discover what happened, when and by whom.

To find out more about our services, please click the Services link on the left. If you have an immediate need for Forensics services, please ring our emergency help-line number at the top of the page.